Ondergeschikte drinktherapie

Er wordt therapie geboden voor jonge volwassenen met alcoholische problemen. Tegenwoordig is het probleem van alcoholgebruik door minderjarigen net zo groot in Spanje als wereldwijd. Sommige kinderen, vaak met een problematische achtergrond, beginnen al op school alcohol te drinken. Ze omzeilen de verplichte leeftijdscontrole voor het kopen van alcohol door valse identificatiedocumenten online te verkrijgen. Het is heel gemakkelijk om deze dagen te doen, omdat het internet is vol met nep-ID-leveranciers die een hoge standaard service bieden, net als alle andere reguliere e-commerce winkels. Kwetsbare jonge mensen, voor wie drinken een manier is om te ontsnappen aan een stressvolle dagelijkse omgeving, hebben dringend medische en psychologische hulp nodig. Het drinken door minderjarigen is uiterst schadelijk voor de toekomstige gezondheid van een persoon, en wanneer valse identiteitskaarten worden gebruikt om alcoholische dranken te verkrijgen, komen daar nog eens de juridische gevolgen bij. Het vervalsen van iemands identiteit is een ernstig crimineel misdrijf dat de toekomst van jonge mensen onomkeerbaar kan schaden.



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This podcast is an invitation to inspire to a life of inner peace, self-love, strength, balance, joy and presence. Soultalk has more than 300.000 downloads and is growing all the time. Soultalk has episodes in both English and Danish and is to be found on Spotify, Itunes, Mofibo and Podimo

I, Kisser Paludan share my own thoughts and experiences through a long life of self-development, both privately and professionally, and I invite people to have conversations on psychological and spiritual matters. I am passionate about how we can live a life derived from our essence, a life in which we experience inner peace and strength, presence, courage, meaning and both self-love and love, trust and presence in our relations. Soultalk sets out to inspire you to a life lead from our beautiful, loving and magnificent Essence. Some of the topics you will hear about are, amongst others; the capacity of selflove, courage, vulnerability, meditation, integrity and inner peace. You will also hear about the Enneagram, Essence and Ego, talents and potential as well as how to solve all the blockages you may have to live from Love and to create the life you are here to live. I am a spiritual Psychologist and author and the very happy host of Soultalk. You can read more about me here. I hope to contribute to Love in the world by focusing on how we can, each of us, create a presence of Love within, that will change the world.

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Mark Wolynn - ENG

#76 Mark Wolynn - ”It Didn't Start With You”

This episode af Soultalk is a conversation with Mark Wolynn, the Director of the Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco. He is a leading expert in the field of inherited family traumas. His book ”It Didn't Start With You : How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle” is the winner of the 2016 Nautilus Book Award in psychology and has been translated into 17 languages. I am happy to be able to share with you the important knowledge on how we inherit family trauma through generations and on how we can heal ourselves and allow for new levels of peace, freedom and compassion.

#67 Lynne McTaggert - Eng

#67 Lynne McTaggert about ”The Power Of Eight”

This episode of Soultalk is a conversation with the bestselling author and Journalist, Lynne McTaggert on how new science shows us, that we all part of a quantum energetic field and how we are like leaking buckets of energy or unconscious broadcasters. It is a conversation about the importance of becoming aware of our thoughts so that we can help manifesting healing, love and compassion in our lives and in the world.

# 63 Donna Bond

#64 Donna Bond about turning crises into deep learning

This episode of Soultalk is an inspirational conversation with the American coach and Spiritual advisor Donna Bond. It is an conversation about what it takes to transform crisis to deep learning and to shift from fear to love – and create miracles in your life.

#63 Kyle Gray

#63 Kyle Gray "How can we connect with Angels"

This episode of Soultalk is inspirational conversation with Kyle Gray, who is an Hay House Author and Angle expert, We are talking about his path, and how we can connect with Angels and access the loving, wise guidance that is available to us.

#61 - jim Eng

#61 Jim Belleau about A Course In Miracles

This episode of Soultalk is inspirational conversation with Jim Belleau, who is an American facilitator of A Course In Miracles Imagine if the world we experience, is simply a projection of our own thoughts. Imagine if we can change our whole life and start creating miracles if we learn to change the way we think. This is a talk about Miracles, the projectings of our fear onto our partners and about the journey towards understanding our true holy identity.

60 Sonia Choquette - global

#60 Sonia Choquette: "Believe that life loves you"

This episode of Soultalk, Kisser Paludan visits author and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette. It is a conversation about spirituality and about having a daily practice and being guided through life through your divine soul and energy. Sonia says: "Believe that life loves you and expects good things."

#35_ A Course in Miracles with Markus Ray-3 kopi

#35 Markus Ray about A Course in Miracles

This episode of Soultalk is a conversation with Markus Ray about A Course in Miracles. You will learn about a Course in Miracles and how Liberation Breathing can transform your life. He is one of the greatest pioneers in the US. Enjoy. You can listen to this Podcast on Itunes, Spotify or here.

#34_ Purpose & Personal Leadership with Nick Williams

#34 Nick Wiliam about Purpose & Personal Leadership

This episode of Soultalk is a conversation with Nick Williams about Purpose & Personal Leadership. It is a talk on how to find out what you are really passionate about, how to follow your joy and take leadership for your life by listening to your true calling. Enjoy. You can listen to this Podcast on Itunes, Spotify or here.

#33_ Robert Holden about the Enneagram and purpose.-2 kopi

#33 Robert Holden about the Enneagram & Purpose

This episode of Soultalk is a conversation with Robert Holden about the Enneagram and Purpose. A talk on how the different Enneagramtypes contribute to the world, when we live from our essense, and how we find true meaning and purpose in life. Robert Holden is a psychologist, a Hay House author and a brilliant teacher of the Enneagram and A Course In Miracles. Enjoy. You can listen to this Podcast on Itunes, Spotify or here.

#30_ Hollie Holden - Parenting as a path to awakening kopi

#30: Hollie Holden about Parenting as a path to awakening

This episode of Soultalk is a conversation with Hollie Holden about how our parenting can be our greatest path to awakening and about understanding how the Enneagram can help us see our blocks to love.

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