This online group is for you if you who would like to be part of a supportive and loving community. The purpose of the group is to help strengthen love on earth. We do this best in communities. In this group we meet one hour a week at a fixed time. We tune in together with the high light energy that resides in the soul and which is our true identity. We see together the earth enlightened and surrounded by love. From here we come back to the group and share what we experienced in our joint tune in. Then there may be some in the group who would like group support for any challenges. It’s important for me to emphasize that this is a group where we collectively tune into the place within us where we are whole, wise and loved.

Where everything is already as it should be. We create – jointly – a connection to and expansion of the loving beautiful energy that Love is. It is not a therapeutic space because this is a space where we see ourselves and each other whole. Already at home. Wherever we are in life. Trusting that we are loved and loved by a loving universe that is always with us, that life does not happen to us but to and for us. The intention is that this group is a free space where we connect with each other and with that which is stronger, bigger and more purposeful than our Ego can figure out. A space where we train ourselves to live from our Essence and Love, so that we can jointly pave the ground for a world of equality and love between countries — borders, races, ages, and genders. We are Love-magnets, love-mammas (and papas) who give ourselves the gift of cultivating an inner life full of presence, balance, tranquility, love and joy. From this place within ourselves – the divine part, we can meet life and other people with much greater compassion, understanding, tenderness and love. Both when going up and down. It is a form of spiritual resilience.


Love inside out

We meet with a higher purpose; namely to contribute to the world and you will find that in this very contribution will enrich your life in ways that neither you nor I have capacity to imagine. Love is our common compass and miracles arise when we live from Love. Therefore, prepare yourself to live a miraculous life.

In practice;

The group is a membership group, which is paid through a monthly installment of 55 euro

During the month of July and from 15.12.-15.1. there is no facilitation by me and therefore no payment, but the group can choose to meet anyway.


Physical meeting.

 Once or twice a year we get the opportunity to meet at, for example, one of my retreats somewhere in the world, or we can arrange our own retreat for the group. This will unfold as we go, and is paid for separately.


You will get

 A like-minded loving community

2 x 1.5 hour meetings a month facilitated by Kisser Paludan

Access to a closed FB group with shared inspiration


To talk to Kisser to know more

Indiakaj 10

 2100 København Ø.

+45 33 31 10 70


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