Omfavn psykiske sårbarheder

Emotions as a gateway to your Soul A conversation based on A course In Miracles Many of us have this sense of longing after a feeling of peace, belonging, trust and love. We often think of life a something getting in the way of this – with all the messy aspects of life, and think that we will be peaceful, happy and whole once this whole mess is over. But what if life with all the confusing, sometimes difficult mess is the curriculum? That everything that brings us out of balance and away from our divine Self, is really the gateway to the Self? Then we might stop trying to get the difficult parts of life over with and instead harvest the great teachings and invitations in life itself. We do this by becoming present with us self´s and life as it unfolds and over and over re-identify with the divine healing power within. Listen to this conversation with a colleague, spiritual teacher and author, Lisa Natoli. Lisa is known for her work in the area of transformation, awakening and healing. She teaches that all healing is of the mind and emphasizes the importance of becoming aware of thoughts, emotions, patterns and beliefs as a way to end suffering, sickness and limitation. Her teachings focus on the power of Consciousness and Presence to heal and this recognition results in inner peace, joy, aliveness and freedom. Her website is http://www.lisanatoli.com I am your host, Kisser Paludan, a spiritual psychologist and author. Read more on about me on www.kisserpaludan.dk