Omfavn psykiske sårbarheder

You can heal yourself, part 3, type 5,6 & 7

IFS and The Enneagram

Get to know your psyche well so you can navigate it and be free. This time we look at type 5, 6 & 7 and the typical internal parts that live in these Enneagramtypes. The IFS (Internal family system) show us how we contain many different internal parts that once arose in an attempt to protect us. They can be contradictory, which is why we can experience conflict within. Perhaps, for example, you long to try something new in your life and a part of you believes in you, while another part holds you back and talks you down. Or you may yearn for more loving close relationships, but something in you holds you back when the opportunity arises. We also contain a Self, an essence or soul that is healing and infinitely loving. When the parts of us that are sometimes stuck in previous ages feel that there is a Self at home that is connected to the universe and unconditionally compassionate, they are healed and go from being destructive, to being valuable support of the inside. When I first started working with IFS, I immediately thought that our inner parts, – our protectors and the emotions we put in exile, must be Enneagram-typical and that it would be possible to draw a map of the different inner parts of the types. That’s why I’m so happy to be able to present these 3 conversations with American Joan Ryan, originally a lawyer, but now working with the Enneagram and, like me, nurding with me – combining these two amazing systems. Please enjoy!

Joan Ryans homepage: www.creativecollaborations.net